Welcome to the World of Schön

This word is German for 'beautiful'. The reason i liked it because it had a certain kind of ring to it, and I've always wanted to name my label Schön since i ever wanted to become a fashion designer.

Also, i don't ever want to expand into men's fashion & would like to continue doing women's fashion. A basic element in my designs have always been a lot of laces/nets & those little intricate & delicate things such as little charms or crystals, which spell feminity & are synonyms to beautiful; hence, the name. Also, i refrain from using very strong geometric edgy cuts so the collection remains very feminine.

So, Schön as a brand is very feminine, chic & luxurious ,delicate, fragile yet like the women of today, it is also bold, strong headed & multi-faceted...all in all, the beauty of a women captured 360 degrees.